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What We Do

The team at Silent Majority Group specializes in creating and executing customized growth strategies designed for individual artists according to their current market position. Whether you're starting out or aiming to elevate your career further, we leverage top-notch resources, effective marketing tactics, and extensive industry expertise to unlock your maximum potential and transform the trajectory of your music journey. Our services include consulting, Label services, distribution, playlisting, booking, radio promotion. publicity and Television talent show private auditions.

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How it Works

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Garfield Redden, One Day Alive

Together, SMG and Jeff Hanson formed an unstoppable force that propelled One Day Alive into the spotlight. The results were evident not only in the increased radio airplay but also in the doors that opened for us in terms of industry connections and opportunities.


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Kristen Palmer

The SMG Team exceeded all expectations. Their industry expertise and dedication are truly commendable. The strategic insights they offer have significantly contributed to the success of my music career. I highly recommend them for their professionalism, reliability and passion for elevating artists to new heights. 

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Psycho Hill

Jeff is a true visionary, he sees what the artist sees and more. A true friend to us, we are looking forward to the years ahead. 

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